February 7, 2017

Mandy & Adron’s Uptown Engagement Session

You know the couples that have been together for so long that they just fit so naturally? Where you can tell that they are best friends, and have settled into the comforts of a long-term relationship. That’s what I noticed about Mandy & Adron during our engagement session in uptown Charlotte. They were always joking and laughing together, and I could tell that their relationship is surely never boring! After 5 years together, Adron asked Mandy to be his wife during a morning run and they celebrated with lunch at Bojangles!

I first met Mandy & Adron a few years ago when our mutual best friend, Courtney, turned 21. Her parents rented a cabin for all of her friends so all of us could celebrate together. We all spent the weekend celebrating our Mount Pleasant Princess, a nickname we gave Courtney in college, and I got the chance to get to know her best friends from high school. And just as I noticed during our shoot together, they were so much fun to be around! So when Mandy asked me to be their wedding photographer just a few weeks after getting engaged, I was so excited to photograph the love story of this sweet couple!

During their time in school, they had to be long-distance and couldn’t see each other as much as they would have liked. After every weekend together, they made it a tradition to go to Bojangles for Sunday lunch before they had to say goodbye. That’s why, after getting engaged, they went to Bojangles to celebrate their upcoming wedding! Bojangles found out about their precious story and sent them Bojangles shirts!! So we just had to photograph them during the engagement session, because duh!


Thank you so much for giving the honor of photographing your love during this exciting time! I cannot wait for your September wedding!


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