July 19, 2016

Anniversary Session: Tracey & Jeff


Remember that trip to Mexico I made a couple of weeks ago? Well on the trip I had a very special anniversary shoot with some travelers who got married in Mexico 3 years ago on a similar trip! I shot their wedding and it was one of the first weddings I ever photographed! Realizing their anniversary was on the trip, I pitched them the idea of having a quick anniversary mini-session with them and they loved the idea! I’m so excited to share these images with y’all of one of my favorite couples ever!

Tracey & Jeff have been traveling to Mexico for 6 years, and I’ve traveled with them every time except for one! They are some of my favorite people, and when my dad told me they were going on the trip I actually screamed! 3 years ago, on a similar Mexico mission trip, they surprised the group by announcing that they would be getting married on the trip a the church in the village in which we would be working. Tracey and the girls stayed in a house farther away from the church during the week, and on the day of the wedding we all walked with her to the church. As we walked, everyone from the village joined us on the path to the church. The church was decorated to the nines and people from all over came for their very special day. Santiago, the main missionary’s brother and one of our favorite people, walked her down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband. It was such a special day that I will never forget, and I’m so excited I got a chance to celebrate their anniversary through a shoot with them! We wandered the little streets of Yaxoquintela in the Mexican jungle heat and captured their sweet love for one another, right before the final worship service at which Tracey preached in the church that we had worked together to build. It was truly a magical day.



















Thanks again Tracey & Jeff for a great shoot!

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