October 4, 2017

Sydney & Joe’s Fall Engagement Session | Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Maggie Mills Photography

It always surprises me how time tends to bring people back together. I met Sydney years and years ago in elementary school (on the school bus, no less!) and last weekend I took her engagement photos! Crazy! She and Joe met in Iowa at a small little bible college, and what started as an innocent conversation about music turned into the sweetest of love stories, more on that later! This past Sunday, I met Joe and Sydney in Winston-Salem for their engagement session and learned about their sweet relationship. They glow when they are together and their constant jokes and giggles gave me the sweetest glance into their love for each other. It was so easy and fun to capture their love, and I’m so excited for them as they’re about to enter into a new chapter together. This is their story.

Their Love Story

“Well our love story isn’t exactly fairytale or close to perfect but its also not something that either of us could have imagined or hoped for. It’s an undeserving love that the Lord has blessed us with, prepared and provided carefully, this spouse for the other with detail, intention, and with souls that were meant for the other. Timing was strange from the beginning and also the start of our relationship wasn’t actually 100% truth so the odds… well they weren’t great. The Lord had a different plan though and three years later we are here with our engagement pictures and writing our “love story”, ready to share this life together, as one, as a team built upon Christ-like hope for the Kingdom we want to serve with our lives. It started with a t shirt, a band looking t shirt that caught Joe’s eye and instantly started conversation regarding music and if you know him thats one of his favorite topics. I on the other hand wore this t shirt that day not because I knew the band but because I liked the look of it, but I wasn’t going to admit that to this boy. We joke now about the lie I started to grab his attention and keep the conversation going but little did I know this random person would become the best thing. We met in Iowa at a small bible college and made our way through several life changes, phases, and experiences to learn that our bond is for life and not for a season. Despite the large distance between our hometowns, or difference in habits, sins we commit or whatever barrier that can come between two people, we love each other and not solely because of the gussy feelings but because we choose too daily. We can’t wait to finally BE MARRIED (if you know us, this has been a long time coming) and serve the Lord with our marriage, and the life we share together going forward. So thankful for the story God is continuing through us and for everyones support!”






Thank you both for giving me the honor of photographing you during this exciting time! Wishing y’all all the happiness in the world!


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