October 18, 2017

Katie & Josh’s Hope Valley Country Club Wedding | Maggie Mills Photography | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Katie & Josh tied the knot this past weekend in a beautiful wedding at the Hope Valley Country Club in Durham, North Carolina. The day was filled with happy tears and excited laughter as these two love birds were finally announced as husband & wife! What was even more beautiful than the perfect fall weather was the sweet love and friendship these two share, and I know they are thrilled to finally be married! They will have lots of eventful days ahead but this day is one that they will cherish for the rest of their lives together.

I met Josh & Katie while we were in school at Appalachian State University, where Katie and Josh also met their future spouse! They were on the Service & Leadership Resident Learning Community and lived on the same freshman dorm hall. I was in the community the year before, and therefore served as a mentor to the freshman as they transitioned into college life. These two met and started dating their freshman year of college, and little did they know that the rest would be history! Throughout college they loved and supported each other’s dreams and goals all the while keeping an eye on their future together. In the summer before their senior year, Josh planned a beautiful date for the two of them where he would end up asking the love of his life to marry him surrounded by their family and friends. It was a dream come true for these sweet souls, and this past weekend, they became one on a gorgeous fall day in October.

I arrived at the Hope Valley Country Club on the most perfect fall day imaginable! After a fall full of hurricanes and storms, there was not a cloud in the sky as Josh & Katie prepared for the wedding. As the getting-ready process progressed, more and more people filled the bridal suite as dresses were hung, makeup applied, and music played in the background. It wasn’t until Katie stepped into her stunning ball gown wedding dress that the reality of the day hit everyone around her! She was a stunning bride and tears filled all the eyes in the room. Her step-mother put her veil on, her mom put the finishing touches on the buttons, and her girls made sure she trail fell beautifully behind her. She was all ready to get married! But she couldn’t do that before seeing her dad one time before he walked her down the aisle, and oh the tears! I’m a giant sap and a sucker for a sweet father-daughter moment. She said “am I pretty dad?” Tears! Before they knew it, it was time to get to the pool deck where the guys were patiently waiting. As she was walking towards her future husband, their smiles lit up the whole ceremony! You could tell that they were SO ready to be married!! They exchanged rings and vows, and listened to a heartfelt song that brought Josh to tears. And then, they were married! As they were leaving, Josh put his hands in the air because his dream FINALLY became reality!!

After the ceremony and pictures came the party! However before the dancing could commence, Josh preformed a song that he had written for his wife for that very day. There was not a dry eye in the house as he poured out his heart to her through song. The danced the night away with their best friends, even dropping it low a couple of time 😉 and having the time of their lives.

Josh & Katie, it was a honor and a joy to capture this very special day for you and I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!



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  1. Florence Stone says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful wedding. Congratulations to all of you.

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