July 24, 2020

Chelsea & Cody’s Rankin Lake Maternity Session | Maggie Mills Photography | NC Portrait Photographer

I photographed Chelsea & Cody’s wedding back in 2017 and even before they got married they were daydreaming about brining a little one into the world! Well here we are, three years later and they created the most perfect little miracle! Just one week after our shoot, Miss Gwenny could not hold on any longer and made her grand entrance three weeks early! I cannot wait to meet the little girl who they prayed so hard for!

I’ll never forget the day Chelsea told me she was pregnant. I was getting my nails done earlier this year and she texted me asking if I could do a mini session with them in about a month. I had just done a shoot with them in the fall where they wanted me to focus on the verse about having faith like a mustard seed. While they didn’t say it then, I knew that they were trying to trust the Lord’s timing for their children when it wasn’t happening as they had hoped.

So when I got that text, I immediately wondered if she was pregnant! I couldn’t even contain it, I texted back right away and tried to calmly ask the occasion. She typed for a long time…my heart racing to know the answer! I was driving back when she texted me that while it was still early, she was pregnant! Then she sent me a video of when she told Cody, and I had to pull over to watch it because I knew I was going to ball like a baby! After years of waiting patiently, the Lord blessed them with a little girl!

Despite the stresses of a pregnancy in a pandemic, Chelsea remained her cheerful and joyful self. Our maternity session was originally supposed to be at the beach but we had to reschedule because of some covid scares that, thankfully, didn’t result in anything! We still found some water and did their maternity session just four weeks before her due date. But Gwenny girl could not make it any longer and was born just a week after our shoot, and now we’re birthday twins!! I’ve loved photographing every stage of their life, from engagement and bridals to wedding day and family portraits, and now they’re parents! I cannot wait to meet little baby girl Price!

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