October 13, 2020

Amazon Prime Day for Photographers! | Maggie Mills Photography

Not sure what to buy and what gear to update on Prime Day 2020? I’m compiling my whole gear list with amazon links so you can fill your camera bag with the best deals! I’ve even included some fun styling products that are great additions to your kit!

Photography Gear

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Nikon D750

I’ve been using the Nikon D750s for years and they’re great cameras!! The screen pops out, it has a dual card slot, and works like a charm! It doesn’t have as big of file sizes as the 810 or 850, but for weddings & portraits you don’t need huge sizes. I might be updating to mirrorless soon, but will keep the D750s as backup if need be! I’ve been a two camera shooter for a while and love the flexibility of having two bodies with different lenses right at my fingertips. Below are my favorite lenses!

Nikon 35mm 1.4

I replaced most of my sigma lenses after dealing with focusing issues, and I just LOVE Nikon’s 35mm lens! It’s always sharp and fast!

Nikon 58mm 1.4

Y’all this lens is AMAZING!! I replaced my sigma 50mm with this lens because I’ve heard such good things, and wow it does not disappoint! It’s sharp, has great compression and literally never leaves my camera! This and my 35mm are all I need for a portrait session!

Nikon 70-200mm 2.8

Okay so I know this lens is an investment and not cheap…but it’s SO worth it!! This is my go-to lens for ceremony! No matter how far back I am from the alter, I can zoom in and get some stunning shots! The bokeh is also great and I sometime use it for family formals too if I want more separation from the background. I have noticed a difference between the top version of the lens vs the cheaper version. The colors are different and there is a significant vignette.

Sigma 105mm Macro

Like the 70-200, I use this lens only once during a wedding day but when I need it, I’m so happy to have it! It’s great for ring shots and they’re so sharp! The focusing is tricky but I put it on manual focus and hold my breath!

Nikon SB700

These are the flashes that I use on a wedding day in conjunction with the triggers below for my off camera flash set up! I have 4 and they’re great flashes! I like to use two flash system, one off camera in the corner and another on the camera!

Phottix Strato II Wireless Flash Triggers

I’ve used these for years and they work every time! You put the transmitter on your camera and attach the flash to it, and put the receiver on a stand with the other flash. They have several channels as well! Make sure to get AAA batteries for these guys!

So these are my core gear items but I have lots of other products linked in my Photography Gear Amazon Link!

Styling Products

Velvet Ring Boxes

Amazon actually has a lot of great velvet ring boxes for styling!! I got a blush one and I use it often! They’re the perfect addition to your styling kit!

Raw Silk Ribbon

Silk ribbons are a must have in your styling kit. They add a delicate line through your composition and it is a way to incorporate their colors in your layflat design! Amazon does have some good ribbons to choose from! I have some from several from LingMoments and they’re great quality!

Acrylic Blocks

These are a must have in your styling kit because they are easy ways to elevate your invitation suites to add dimension to your image! It adds a soft shadow underneath and allows you to build around it! Be careful, the corners are super sharp!

White Wooden Hangers

Okay so these were additions to my styling kit that I didn’t initially think about until I got to wedding days and the venue was full of ugly hangers that never photographed well! So these are an easy add that will immediately elevate your images by having consistent hangers with no lower bar for hanging dress shots of the wedding dress or all of the bridesmaid dresses. Plus your clients will be impressed by your preparedness!

Want to see more styling props to add to your kit? Check out my Styling Amazon List here!

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